Tuesday, April 22, 2014

easter adventure and other happenings

On Easter Sunday we took a little day trip out to the Apache Trail. We stopped at Goldfield first, a mining/ghost town.
Here we are waiting for the authentic mining train ride. The kids loved the train!

The bridge over Roosevelt Dam
  Then we decided to go check out the three lakes on the other side of the trail. I forgot how long that road is though, and 22 miles of unpaved road moves awfully slow with crying kids in the car.
Also, Charlotte did this yesterday! I was so excited to hear her say "more" and sign it as well. They are working on this a lot at school and it was fun to see it carry over to home as well :)

My two little bunnies :) So glad they came home wearing these bunny ears! 
 We are hoping everyone had a happy Easter! It was nice to just spend some time together as a family, and to go on a little adventure before starting another week.


David Ryerse said...

Cutest little bunnies...and I always love your posts. :)