Tuesday, November 5, 2013

this crazy girl

Score! Hit an after Halloween costume clearance and added lots of Disney costumes to our bucket, for the grand price of five whole dollars. (And a nacho libre cape, can't believe we didn't have one already!)

I tell you, Charlotte is at this age where everything is just SO big.... if she's happy she is really happy. If she's upset, she is REALLY upset. The moods come and go pretty quickly, but we just had a weekend of non stop screaming-tears-tantrums. 

Halloween day she was pretty upset, still not feeling 100%. But I took her to McDonald's during Joel's therapy, and then she was the happiest little girl ever.... until we had to leave. 
But she can appreciate a good granola bar!


Kelcie Ann said...

I love that little girl! What a cutie :D