Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween VII

Hard to believe that seven years ago Rob and I were going to costume parties and had just barely started dating :) Time flies. As the years have passed, I've gone from 4 costumes each, to 3, to 2, to.... whatever this year was. For our church Halloween party/ trunk or treat we went as characters from "Annie". I was Miss Hannigan, Rob was Daddy Warbucks, Charlotte was Annie, and Joel was Sandy the dog. I kind of threw it all together and got lucky finding an Annie costume at Goodwill.
Having a hard time getting everyone to look at the camera, but we were excited for the candy! 

Charlotte was having a very rough day. It's hard being a ladybug, I guess.... She's been sick on and off and Halloween was an off day for us.

Joel giving me his best doctor impression. His school did a thing where they wanted kids to only dress up as what they want to be when they grow up.... and I have no idea what he really wants to be, so I figured a doctor was a good bet. However, when he came home he had ripped his pants pretty bad. So we used the puppy costume for trick or treating that night. 


Holly said...

Cute idea! I always love to see what you come up with for Halloween.