Thursday, March 14, 2013


Well, I am averaging a post a month so that's promising, right? Maybe we will make it two a month just to make it interesting.  I thought I'd write a little bit about what we are up to. Actually, it's better than talking to me because I just had a root canal and my mouth doesn't let me talk as fast as I like to :) It's been a fun couple of weeks, we've been trying to keep busy!
I have no idea why she loves this, but it makes her feel like a big kid to sit in Joel's car seat. She grins the whole time, like "Hahaha, I am in HIS chair!"

It's gorgeous weather out here (today is in the 90's!) so we have been spending lots of time outside. Every year I forget that Joel has sever reactions to bug bites, and every year it takes a couple bad experiences for me to remember. He had quarter sized welts all over his arms and legs yesterday from the ants in the playground.

I was too slow to take video, but Joel has been speaking "whale" to the fish. He brings his Nemo fish and Baby Nemo fish and Turtle (I think all of these are from grandpa winter too) and makes them talk to the fish in the tank-- it's hilarious and so funny to watch his little mind go!

Yeah- I kind of thought getting her a big girl bed would mean she would sleep in it. Nope, she loves sleeping in a pile of toys on the messy floor. The girl can sleep through anything, but if you move one of her toys or try to get her onto the bed-- she's wide awake and ready to play.

I've started a random hobby of hoarding old plastic toys. I wish I was joking, I am not though. In the past two weeks I have bought a picnic table, play house (this photo), one of those little orange and yellow cars, a big wheel, and a play kitchen. I think I spent $50 for everything? Anyway, we've been using a special plastic spray paint to make then new to us. Here is Joel, demonstrating how nice it is to go pantsless in your own house. This house was originally super gross, had a blueroof, green shutters, and a pink front door.  It now has a brown roof, red shutters and door. It looks much better, I think.


Me, Myself and I said...

$50 is a great deal for all that plastic stuff! I've done the same thing - only with Little People... those online yard sale sites are not helping the cause!