Thursday, November 1, 2012

this is Halloween

Joel picked out this costume spur of the moment at Goodwill. Since it was $5, we really couldn't lose. He loves it, although he is a sweaty mess when he takes it off.

My pretty little Cinderella

I'm supposed to be a zombie. Rob said I just looked like I had been crying....

My two adorable Disney characters. 
I was pretty worried about taking the kids trick or treating by myself. Joel still doesn't really get Halloween, but at least this year he would say "Trick or treat" when prompted, along with "thank you!" and "happy halloween!". Fortunately for ME, my awesome sister Kelcie volunteered to come trick or treating with us, providing me with an extra set of hands. We set out to trick or treat at 5, only to find that absolutely no one was out. After driving through random neighborhoods, we finally saw some trick or treaters and pulled over! Charlotte was chattering away in her own little language, and Joel was excited about the candy.We had so much fun! 45 minutes was enough trick or treating for us, and then we came home! It was really fun, we saw lots of people from our ward, and the kids (and I and hopefully Kelcie) had a great time. I couldn't have asked for it to go better, actually.