Wednesday, November 28, 2012

just our status quo

Ashley took some photos for my Christmas cards, and I love this one.
This weeks is chock full of appointments and fun, as always. Top of my list is to make sure Charlotte makes it into the ENT this week. Way back in April, when we had her tubes put in, her doctor rescheduled her  follow up-- twice. Since she had the tubes placed she has had one follow up, and as part of getting the Early Intervention process rolling we are required to do another hearing screen. At her hearing screen, we found that one of her ears is failing the hearing test, which means back to the ENT for a diagnostic test. But the guy won't answer my messages about rescheduling, and I'm really about to go all "mama-bear" on him. I'm turning into quite the pit bull when I need to be....

Joel is doing really well at school and seems to be saying a lot more things lately. He's repeating nearly everything we say, which is supposedly great for building his vocabulary, and thus his language development. We got all of our Christmas decorations up, and this year both kids are just fascinated with the tree. Joel loves taking ornaments off, running around with them, holding them softly, and then trying to put them back on the tree. He's been great at following a couple of simple directions too, like "pick up, out in". He's now obeying a two step command, which he has really been working on for awhile.

Both my kids are having issues with their beds, and bedtime especially. Joel was jumping on his bunk bed last week and snapped the whole bed in half. So he's now in a normal, non-exciting twin bed on the floor. This is good and bad, I think he feels more secure but also, he knows he can get out and wanders around his room peeing on things..... Charlotte has chewed the varnish off her crib and is down to bare wood, with a mouthful of sawdust every time I go in to check on her. I'm trying to figure out a crib rail teething guard thing for her, so I've gotta get cracking on that before she eats through the whole crib!


The Matthews Family said...

That is so exciting that Joel is doing so great with school!!! Also, love the picture! : D