Monday, October 1, 2012

here we go! back in the groove!

Happy October! If you visit my archives, you'll see that I usually post way more in October than just about any other time. It's because I just love Halloween, and fall. Today also marks the beginning of Rob's inpatient medicine month. Rumor has it this is the toughest rotation he'll be on, so it will be an interesting October for us. I love dragging Rob to spooky Halloween events (like this one) but this year is going to require a bit more planning around his evening schedule. True to form, I have already started on Halloween costume preparations (yup, I"m predictable).

It is strange to live here in Arizona and not see all the leaves changing, drinking hot chocolate, wearing sweaters.... all the staples of fall that I am used to are not practical here in Arizona. I can try to drink hot chocolate  but I'll end up sweating like crazy. I can wear a sweater while I do that, but again,... doesn't make much sense. One year we drove up to Flagstaff just to look at the leaves. I love pretty leaves as much as the next person, but that's a three hour drive. So I have had to make accommodations to my fall season down here. It's awesome though. There are many silver linings to Arizona: no first snow on Halloween means you get to wear your Halloween costume WITHOUT a coat. It's warm enough to sit outside and greet the trick-or-treaters. You can have a combination pool party and Halloween party!

All right, so I may still be trying to convince myself a little bit here. I do miss Utah's seasons, and fall is one I will probably always feel bittersweet about.


Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said...

Yeah, Halloween is definitely different in AZ!! The being outside without a coat part is sure nice. We had to have our ward trunk or treat in the gym b/c of rain. Bleh.

Scott's just starting his inpatient medicine rotation now. Eep! I hope Rob makes it (made it?)!