Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm so excited to be here in purgatory, I can barely contain my inner demon.

Rob was pretty sure we were going to die on Friday night. I had ordered some cheap "Halloween" tickets awhile back for a date night, and it wasn't until we were driving around trying to find the place that we realized it was in an abandoned garage in the middle of inner-city Phoenix.

(I must not have learned from this.)

The event was called "poe" and it was touted as a selection of Edgar Allan Poe "performances", which sounded perfectly Halloween-ish to me. However, between the twisted art on the walls (our favorite was the cartoonish bunny with octopus tentacles) and the terrifying "back ground music", we were scared from the get-go. (Listen here for a sample of the night's soundtrack. Yay for Dark Techno.)

So let's paint an accurate picture.
The art. Creepy, weird, people-being-executed art.

The bathroom. A purple closet with a lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. Pictures of Jesus modgepodged on the toilet. Not to mention Octopus-bunny staring at you with bleeding eyes.

Background music--was like listening to an axe on a synthesizer, and it was loud. We're all sitting in a black garage in lawn chairs in the middle of who knows where. (It was at this point that Rob attempted to change my facebook status to "Kristen is: dragging her husband to hell.")

And it was absolutely terrifying once the two actors came onstage. The only prop there was a three legged stool. One actor went over to the wall, started patting it frantically, and started to cry. The other shuffled around grunting.

At this point I am really beginning wonder what I have gotten us into. As usual.

Anyway, the crying and the grunting (from the actors, not me) went on for the first few minutes with the awesome background music, and I was really just waiting for them to jump out and say "boo!". Rob murmurs awesome comments like......"We are going to DIE here, what have you DONE....." and "A three legged stool, as if this wasn't weird enough! I would have thought a bunch of hippies would use an empty garage for something pot----tery. "

The weirdest part is that once the performance actually started...we loved it. It was actually done really well and we had a great time. So, despite the crackhouse facade, it turned out to be a great deal after all.


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