Saturday, August 9, 2014

call night

Well, I am at home while Rob works a 24 hr all shift. So I thought I'd catch up on the blog a little! Mostly just pictures though :) 
Rob right before he left this morning. So handsome in his scrubs, even at 6 am 

Dress up season never ends in this house. To infinity and beyond!

She was eating a bright red apple while she was wearing this, then fell asleep in the perfect sleeping princess pose.

Twins at church

We turned on Toy Story and then Joel went and got his cowboy hat and his Woody doll. After trying to put Woody's hat on the dog a few times, he gave up.

Charlotte loves making faces for the camera, but she fell asleep right after this.

Wishing she was a princess, I love that she calls Snow White "princess mommy"

Took the kids to the drive in for the Planes movie

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

easter adventure and other happenings

On Easter Sunday we took a little day trip out to the Apache Trail. We stopped at Goldfield first, a mining/ghost town.
Here we are waiting for the authentic mining train ride. The kids loved the train!

The bridge over Roosevelt Dam
  Then we decided to go check out the three lakes on the other side of the trail. I forgot how long that road is though, and 22 miles of unpaved road moves awfully slow with crying kids in the car.
Also, Charlotte did this yesterday! I was so excited to hear her say "more" and sign it as well. They are working on this a lot at school and it was fun to see it carry over to home as well :)

My two little bunnies :) So glad they came home wearing these bunny ears! 
 We are hoping everyone had a happy Easter! It was nice to just spend some time together as a family, and to go on a little adventure before starting another week.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

this week

I just learned how to make these animated photos. Joel's giving me an extra wink for effort :)
We are in the middle of some crazy scheduling over here. We've been working with the school district trying to figure out the right placement for Joel for kindergarten next year, and there are lots of meetings to get this accomplished.

We took the kids to the drive in to see Rio 2 on Friday night. We inflated our air mattress and bought them some super fancy (dollar store) glow in the dark bracelets. They had the greatest time bouncing on the air mattress all night, but there were so many cars driving past that I was totally nervous through the whole movie!

Glow stick picture-- you can't see it but there are some happy kids there.

  Charlotte had a little virus this week. She slept all night and then when I woke her up in the morning she still wouldn't move. I got her bathed and dressed, but she was still just falling asleep. I let her stay home from school and she watched the bus drive away.... normally she would have cried but she was too sick. I took her in to the doctor but she seemed to be feeling much better. And a cupcake seemed to cure everything, as she was fine for the rest of the day.

Joel has been getting stuck on a few phrases lately. This annoys Charlotte to no end, and she resorts to violence to shut him up! Today he was singing his favorite song, "Birds in the nest". She kicked him in the teeth, and there was blood everywhere. We had just pulled up into the church parking lot when this happened, and it took a bit to get everyone all cleaned up.
She looks so sweet and innocent here, but she is a tornado when she's awake!

Friday, April 4, 2014

fun times in AZ

We've been busy just doing all the normal stuff, therapy and some fun stuff too. We went to the Children's Museum of Phoenix with some friends and it was quite the day. It was intense, there were a million field trip kids there and then once they left it opened up a lot.
Riding on the motorcycle
Fun in a toothpaste car

Checking for mail

The pencil car! The kids fought over this one, although there are two seats that did not cut it


Waiting for speech therapy

Loving and playing with Tinkerbell

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

lucky us!

This picture has nothing to do with the rest of the post..... I just liked it.
Yesterday morning started off with a bang. Actually, it started off with a dead battery in the Miata while Rob was on the freeway. I quickly canceled all our therapies and called Joel's school to let them know he would be missing the bus Then the kids and I jumped in the car, still in our jammies, and ran to rescue Rob. We found him at  Circle K and drove him to work, then hurried back home to change out of our pjs before it hit noon. At 12:30 it was time for speech therapy and then time to pick up Rob in Scottsdale around 3 pm. Then it was time to head back to the gas station and find a way to get the darn car to a mechanic, who was across town. After we dropped off the Miata at the mechanic, Rob and Charlotte got dropped of at the house around 5. Joel and I then headed to a therapy meeting that lasted until about 8 pm.

But. Good news for us, the parts that need to be repaired are all under warranty, resulting in a very small charge. Pretty good news, as I was expecting having to dump about eight hundred dollars into this car. Hurray for good luck! Yesterday was also a great day for potty training, and Joel got a new stuffed animal to add to his sea creature collection. Love that kid!

Monday, January 20, 2014

another year :)

Well, we finished off 2013 with a bang and here we are in the new year. We have some exciting things coming up, the biggest is that Charlotte will be starting school at the end of February. We are still unsure if she will be at Joel's school or if she will go to a different one, but there is the possibility still. I wouldn't mind the two of them going to the same school, but I think it would be a disaster to have them both in the same class. We have a couple more meetings to nail down all of the specifics, but I think she will love going to school and riding the bus like her big brother.

Now that the weather is nice (70's!) we are spending more and more time outside. All my Utah friends and family would laugh at us, all bundled up in jeans and sweaters for 70 degree weather. My kids' thermostats seriously are warm weather oriented, anything below 55 degrees and they are shivering all over the place. I wear fleece pajamas to bed and I think we may still have the heat running...... yup we are weak!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

this crazy girl

Score! Hit an after Halloween costume clearance and added lots of Disney costumes to our bucket, for the grand price of five whole dollars. (And a nacho libre cape, can't believe we didn't have one already!)

I tell you, Charlotte is at this age where everything is just SO big.... if she's happy she is really happy. If she's upset, she is REALLY upset. The moods come and go pretty quickly, but we just had a weekend of non stop screaming-tears-tantrums. 

Halloween day she was pretty upset, still not feeling 100%. But I took her to McDonald's during Joel's therapy, and then she was the happiest little girl ever.... until we had to leave. 
But she can appreciate a good granola bar!